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FULL ALBUM: J Hus –  Big Spang Zippyshare Lagu Zip Torrent Download

J Hus shares a 3-song tune-up before the big show.

The author of “Gully Bop” returns after a clean getaway. J Hus promises this is just giveaway to your hunger for a larger release. Big Spang is not a filler record, J Hus is not interested in making quick bread the way of the charts. On “Scene” the second record on the EP, J Hus appears to send shots at Not3s, another established UK hip hop artist he refers to as “Nathan.” Juju is pliable to the point where a dancey number doesn’t seem out of place, even when he’s coming for the throat.

As per usual, J Hus finds the perfect balance between elements of Afrobeats, Grime, and Hip Hop. J Hus laughs at old stress, but deems it necessary to keep his “skeng” tucked. “Dark Vader” describes a more distinctive streak, while “Dancing Man” is positively uplifting. J Hus is keeps it moving all along a path to bigger and better ends

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